ABOUT: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do yoga?

Every person who you ask will give you a different answer because yoga is so broad and means different things to different people. Classes where you move can help you: build strength, increase flexibility, learn to use your breath, calm the mind, help inspire, and connect mind with body. Philosophy classes connect you to the broader yogic ideas and history, and meditation has hundreds of its own benefits!


What is EUYS and what do you do?

We are a university society that connects students to affordable yoga all around Edinburgh. We run our own classes, workshops, and retreats, and connect with many studios and teachers to give you options. 


What does an EUYS membership offer?

Membership gives you access to discounted yoga and products and connects you to a lovely community. Specifically, you can come to our classes for £3, and any workshops and retreats we run. You also get access to £4-£6 classes with our partner teachers and studios, and discounts at many other studios and business around Edinburgh. 


I'm not a student at the University of Edinburgh. Can I still join?

Yes you can! You can get a non-student membership for just £10. 


How do I actually join EUYS?

All you have to do is go to our EUSA page here, read the terms and conditions, and purchase your membership! Students of Edinburgh University can get the student membership of £5, everyone else will get the non-student membership for £10


What if I want to try a class before I become a member?

We do run taster classes every so often but because you need to read and agree to our terms and conditions, you must become a member before you can attend our classes.


Does it matter if I am a beginner/intermediate/advanced practitioner?

Not at all! We've got classes for every level and in many styles so there is something available for everyone!


What yoga classes do you offer?

We offer a huge variety of classes! Check out our timetable and those offered by our partners to learn more. Here is more about the difficulties and styles. 


How should I prepare for a class?

You'll need to come at least 10-15 minutes early to pay, signed in, and be ready to start on the hour. To actually do the class, you'll just need to be wearing something comfortable and bring a mat or a towel. 


Do I need a mat? Do you provide mats?

Unfortunately we do not provide mats but there are a number of great options (with some of our favourites listed):

  • Bath towel: from home
  • Yoga towel: Bunnies and Zen
  • Foam (cheap) mat: Amazon, TK Maxx, and JD Sports
  • Sticky (investment) mat: Liforme and Lululemon

Contact us by email at euyogasoc@gmail.com, contact form, or social media