• The name of the society shall be Edinburgh University Yoga Society (EUYS).
  • The aims of the Society shall be to enable members to learn and practise yoga, by providing classes, holding or facilitating attendance at seminars and workshops, and any other appropriate activity.
  • The benefits of the Society shall be to make yoga accessible to and promote health and well-being within the student community
  • The Society shall abide by any applicable laws, bye-laws and guidelines of the Edinburgh University Student’s Association in relation to recognised societies.

Compulsory Clauses:

  • Membership of the Society shall be open to all matriculated students of Edinburgh University.
  • Membership shall be at least 75% matriculated students of Edinburgh University.
  • All members who are not matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall pay at least twice the annual subscription paid by students.
  • The office of president, secretary, and treasurer of the Society shall be held by matriculated students of Edinburgh University.
    • The President shall be ultimately responsible for the conduct of the society
    • The Secretary shall be responsible to the President for the administration of the society
    • The Treasurer shall be responsible to the President for the finances of the society
  • All office bearers shall be subject to election annually.
    • All members who are matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall be entitled to stand and to vote in elections.
  • Society office bearers will attend annual society training as outlined by the Societies’ Team
  • All members must receive at least 14 days written notification of the Annual General Meeting and of elections not held at the AGM.
    • The society shall also inform the Societies’ Centre of the date, time, and place of the society’s AGM.
  • Current Office Bearers must be assigned to the Society Profile immediately upon election
  • Constitutional amendments shall require a two-thirds majority at a general meeting open to all members; fourteen days notice of which shall be given.
  • The AGM of the society shall take place between week 7 and week 11 of semester 2.
  • The quorum of the general meeting shall be 6 members.
  • The Society’s cheques require 1 signatory; the Treasurer,President or Secretary.
  • Calling of an Extraordinary General Meeting: In the event of a committee position becoming vacant, the committee will inform members of an EGM giving 14 days written/email notice.
  • EUSA considers the ruling society constitution to be that which is displayed on the Society Profile.
  • Re-registration of the society must be submitted prior to re-registration deadline set by EUSA.
  • The society has taken and will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure that our meetings, events and socials are accessible to all
  • The society has ensured and will continue to ensure that it complies with any relevant data protection legislation
  • The society believes that discrimination or harassment, direct or indirect, based on a person’s gender, age (except where it relates to licensing laws), race, skin colour, nationality, religious belief, socio-economic background, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, family situation, domestic responsibilities or any other irrelevant distinction, is detrimental to the society, the university and wider society, and will not be tolerated


Individual clauses:

  • The society will have an executive committee, which will be subject to election annually.
    • The executive committee shall be formed by: the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary.
    • The executive committee shall meet at least twice per semester or more often as it is deemed suitable.
  • The executive committee shall have the right to create ongoing auxiliary committee positions as required by the needs of the Society, for example Webmaster and Social Secretary. In the event of an auxiliary committee position becoming available, all society members shall be notified and will be selected on a voluntary basis.  
  • Society members who are not matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall have voting power and shall be allowed to stand for auxiliary committee positions.
  • To avoid clash of interests anyone carrying out any paid work in connection with the society activated shall not be allowed to vote in the elections or stand for any office.
  • At the beginning of each AGM candidates shall declare their interest in standing for a committee position. A list of candidates shall be drawn up prior to voting taking place. Candidates are excluded from voting for the position which they want to fill and may not vote for themselves, but may vote for all other positions.At each AGM or EGM members shall be allowed to vote once for the candidate of their choice for each position. 


Contact us by email at euyogasoc@gmail.com, contact form, or social media