Yoga comes in many varieties - such as vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, yin, gentle, hot, just to name a few. We are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh for places to practice and with so many amazing studios, how do you chose? We offer our own weekly classes at various buildings on campus, special EUYS partner classes at studios around Edinburgh, and help you find studios and teachers that offer amazing discounts so you can keep up your practice in any style in any part of town without breaking the bank! 

Weekly EUYS Timetable

We offer classes 5 times a week, running NINE £3 classes every week over the first semester! 

Weekly Partner Timetable 

Learn more about extra special discounted classes for £4-£5 at our partner studios around Edinburgh! 

Partner Studios

Yoga classes in Edinburgh can get expensive (most are between £10-£12) so click to find out which ones offer student discounts.  

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