Class difficulties and styles

With classes running every day of the week in a variety of styles, it can be hard to decide what is best. We’ve introduced a level indicator using asterisks: 

Beginner * - if you’re a beginner or want to go back to basics, come to these classes to build up your confidence. Best for your first yoga class!

All levels ** - whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years, these classes are suitable for all levels due to a variety of options for all abilities 

Intermediate *** - these classes will challenge your abilities and invigorate your practice. These are best for those who have a basic knowledge and practice


Class abilities vary depending on style as well:

Power - a challenging flow that'll help to build strength both physically and mentally

Vinyasa/flow - these are one-breath-one-movement classes that you’ll flow through like a dance

Ashtanga - a more structured flow which helps to show progression

Yin Yang - mixing dynamic movement (yang) with slow stretching (yin), these classes will help you feel whole

Gentle - these classes are less intense flow classes which give you a chance to explore poses further 

Yin - slow and mindful, you’ll relax into poses for longer allowing for deep movement in the fascia and long-term benefits

Beginners Restore - a very slow class that is more on the stretchy side, great for those who need help to recover or relax

Workshops - experience is useful but not necessary!


This is a rough guide to help you choose a class you think you might like. Be open though and try new styles and new teachers, you never know what might be your new favourite!


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